Your Shot of HR

Just like the morning coffee I like the most - a ristretto with a drop of milk - I wanted to create a space, where up-to-date strategic HR topics are covered in a concise way (max. 15 minutes). Like the ristretto, which wakes me to life and allows to clear the path for the day and activities ahead, the goal of this blog and podcast is to provide information that can be used effectively and implemented quickly to work with Human Capital in every company. Lastly, I wanted it to be directed to decision-makers, which means usually the Boards and C-level people in various organizations.


The journey to create this space has been long. The idea has been clarifying in my head for 3 years. Every time I was in a meeting with customers or reminding myself of meetings in my 13 years of working with and in HR, I had this twitch that wouldn’t go away. I was sick and tired of HR and HR professionals being seen as ‘the payroll and recruitment people’ without a thing to say when strategic topics were being covered.  Finally, I was listening to a Polish podcast on HR topics last year and it hit me..

Podcast Topics

Personal Note


Human Capital Management is my area of expertise and passion.

What I love the most, is combining strategic discussions on working with employees and contractors with other fields - Lean management, diversity management, finance, supply chain, sales. I decided to study psychology because I knew that it is a crucial element, when one wants to understand business through people. 

Big fan of diversity of experience, originally Polish, I have spent ⅓ of my life living abroad (USA - 2 years, Germany - 1 year, now - for 8 years the Czech Republic, not counting numerous month-long stays within different European countries and beyond). I have worked with different business sectors (IT, telecom, automotive, pharmaceuticals, etc.), governmental institutions and NGOs. 

Privately, a bookworm with huge admiration for hiking and pole sport, mom and wife to add that pinch of everyday surprises to life.